My favourite self tanner


So now that the summer is pretty much here, instead of roasting my skin in the sun and getting a lovely “leather” look, this is the time that I pull out my holy grail self tanner. I have tried pretty much every single self tanner out there, and I must say that I ALWAYS keep coming back to this one. St. Tropez and I are truly meant to be. I love that it goes on as a mousse because I feel like it distributes more evenly than the lotion, and it also has a dark brown colour guide so you can see where it goes to make sure all areas are covered with NO streaks. It also gives such a beautiful bronzed, just came home from the beach tan instantly. The colour is NOT orange at all. This tanner is seriously my number 1. If you haven’t tried it, definitely take the plunge and get it. You can purchase it at Sephora (which is where I get mine from), and it comes in even a trial size so you don’t have to shell out too much of your hard earned cash if you hate it. St. Tropez is honestly the best self tanning lotion out there. I have yet to come across one that I love as much as this one. Why expose yourself to harmful rays, when you can have a pretty tan in a bottle and no sun damage. The choice is pretty clear to me (ok, I think I just did a selling pitch on this stuff LOL). Have a great day lovelies xoxo



  1. This is also by far my favourite! I love it! Again the mousey texture is also a reason I always use this product!
    If your from the uk any super drug or boots stores sell it for about £25 ish!
    It is so worth this price!