Powder blue


Dress – GAP / Shoes – Spring / Belt – J Crew / Watch – Michael Kors

Morning loves! I just wanted to show you this beautiful baby blue dress I recently got. As soon as I walked into the store, my eyes were drawn to the gorgeous colour. I knew I had to have this dress. There is something about baby blue that I’ve always thought the colour suited my skin tone perfectly. Do you ever find that? There are just certain colours that compliment each of us differently?  Well in my case, cool colours always seem to work for me and this dress and I fell in love at first sight. It’s called a “raw hem” dress, meaning it should look a little wrinkley and the hem isn’t sew up. GAP clothes have always been a little big for me, so I decided to belt this dress to accentuate the waist and give it a little more “pop.” I might have it taken it just a little at the waist but regardless, this was one of my favourite purchases. This dress sold out instantly online, although my local retailer had one “0″ left and I scored it… YAY!!! This dress is perfect for pretty much any occasion. Its’ just so pretty, and I love that it’s so different from a lot of stuff I have. It’s definitely a “Mel look.” The only thing with this dress is it is VERY short, just an FYI for anyone who’s interested in purchasing it. Hope everyone has a great day! xoxo



  1. Absolutely loving this dress! And the pink accents are adorable!

    <3, Pamela

  2. This dress is adorable! I love baby blue, and especially all pastel colours this time of year.




    • Melanie says:

      Thanks Bhreagh. I am so obsessed with baby blue lately. The colour is so flattering on so many different people

  3. What a great look! The matching shoes and belt are perfect. Also, I love the little twist with the end of the belt. I might need to unpack a box so I can find a belt and practice!



  4. Adorable dress!